La douceur du miel

Illustrations for children and never grown up people

La douceur du miel


Illustrator, Italy

Unemployed Kindergarten teacher with the passion for children illustration aaand...bears!

Just graduated to become a Kindergarten teacher, unemployed at the moment but with the passion for kids, their world and the will to tell it throught my drawings…actually, in this moment, my main characters are BEARS! My favorite and totem animals :) I draw bears in every place I am, I bring always with me a sketchbook and a pencil for my (rare) moments of inspirations. I use mainly digital techniques and I draw using Photoshop and my dear drawing tablet (a Wacom Cintiq). I also adore messing up with colors and I usually use colored pencils, watercolors and acrylics.


  • Illustration


  • Photoshop